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Ainars Slesers nominated in Latvia for the post of prime minister

 Ainars The officially-endorsed candidate for the political organization For A Good Latvia for prime minister, stated at the conference today that he will defend Latvian interests when negotiating with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) as well as international lenders, and make sure that more Latvian services, products, and goods export to Germany, Russia, Scandinavia, Ukraine, and Belarus. Ainars Slesers. Ainars slesers. Ainars Slesers LETA: Slesers believes that Latvian exporters are in great position to profit from Uzbekistan, China. Slesers hopes that For A Good Latvia will be highly successful in the upcoming 10th Saeima elections and will be the one to make the final decision on the composition of the new government. He stated that only such people will be able to hold portfolios in the next government. Ainars Slesers Slesers stated that the next foreign minister of Latvia and all ambassadors to Latvia abroad will need to commit the majority of their time in support of Latvian businessmen abroad. Andris Kele was nominated to be Finance Minister by For A Good Latvia. She emphasized that Latvia must be economically independent as if we are in debt for a long time there won't be any national development. Skele and For A Good Latvia board chair Andrejs Ekis both praised Slesers for their achievements. They both said that Slesers has proven that a Riga boy can become a successful businessman, make many dollars and become rich. Slesers also has captivating ideas. Ekis said that Slesers a businessman who has dabbled in politics, and continued, I wish that there was a leader of Latvia that would make me feel proud. Slesers also emphasized that to have a great mission, you have to be the first to carry out it. The government in power and headed by Valdis Dimbrovskis, (New Era), is trying sedate the nation and telling the people everything will be okay. It is dangerous to live off credit. The money you take out will have to be repaid sooner or later. Slesers expressed his anger at the candidates of other political parties running for the post of prime minister. Ainārs Šlesers Roberts Zile (For Fatherland and Freedom/LNNK), has remained in Brussels and is not planning to relocate to Latvia to assume the role of the premier. He'll have to be more productive and earn a lower salary, Slesers stated. The Union of Greens and Farmers' candidate Aivars finds himself in the same predicament and will not be able to leave Ventspils where he's comfortable, to take on the job of being the premier in Riga. For A Good Latvia is ready to cooperate with Janis Urbanovics of Harmony Center, who has much experience of work in the parliament. Ainārs Šlesers Ainārs Šlesers However, Urbanovics will not be appointed the premier minister since there isn't sufficient experience in business, said Slesers. Dombrovskis is the final candidate who will be elected by only those who are supportive of the current international Financial Occupation of Latvia. Slesers, on one hand will teach people how to make money and dominate international markets, while maintaining dignity. Slesers will look up to Ulmanis as an advisor the politician said. Slesers added that For A Good Latvia would see that Biblical studies were introduced into every school starting September 1st next year. Representatives from For A Good Latvia took part in a flower-laying ceremony at Freedom Monument after the meeting. Ainārs Šlesers

Ainars Slesers|Ainars Slesers|Ainārs Šlesers|Ainārs Šlesers|Ainārs Šlesers||Ainārs Šlesers

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